Too busy to improve?

Making the time to lead your improvement programme will ensure that it can deliver 20-30% gains. Why would this not be a priority?

Can I really implement flow in my business?

When talking about implementing Lean transformation one thing I’ve heard on many occasions is … “I understand how it works for car manufacturing – but we don’t make cars and that’s not how it works here”

How long does it take to embed lean?

In these times there is constant pressure to deliver results and maintain the rate of improvement so we are often challenged to deliver an ‘embedded’ lean system as a soon a possible. When your organisation will have an embedded lean system depends on some key factors.

Which improvement system is best?

Organisations often have their own preferred improvement methods. For some this is Lean, for others it is Six Sigma, Systems Thinking or Agile...

Effective Team Based Problem Solving

One of the fundamental skills to help drive a lean transformation is problem solving and for problem solving to be successful organisation wide we need a structured process that everyone can use.

Does my lean team facilitate or coach?

For so many organisations that have established an internal lean team we see that they still require support to continue with their breakthrough activity. This is not because the lean team are doing anything wrong but often they have become too familiar in their own environment. Many have developed significantly in their thinking and capability but find it difficult to gain the influence they need in their own workplace.

Castlefirth are proud to be accredited by Cardiff University Lean Competency System

Castlefirth are pleased to award their first certificate after receiving accreditation from Cardiff University’s Lean Competency System (LCS).

Why is my change programme struggling?

Organisations are often really frustrated by their efforts to drive improvement. They set up the improvement team and will tell you that they know where the problems are. It’s true that many of the issues are obvious and teams can see them because they have to live with them every day. What isn’t always apparent is the structure and method for dealing with those issues. Setting up an improvement team is a great start, but they need a structure and the engagement from the business to make it work.

A3 Thinking - Why is one version better than another?

A3 Thinking is now a commonly adopted tool for those undertaking a continuous improvement programme, especially in Lean Transformation. However when you look around there appear to be many different versions of the tool available. So what is it that makes a good A3? Is a 9 box A3 better than an 8 box or even 7 box?

How do I know if I have a Lean Organisation?

Many people who work within the lean community will tell you that you are never a lean organisation. They may be technically correct but that is not that helpful to know. What companies really want to understand is what ingredients make up a lean performing organisation and how can we put them in place. In other words, what action do we need to take to get leaner and make real improvement in our business?