University Hospital North Midlands Interventional Radiology team use Lean 3P to improve patient flow

The University Hospital North Midlands Interventional Radiology team recently underwent a patient flow improvement exercise using the Lean 3P methodology. Their solution will help to provide an improved patient process flow to achieve Trust targets with the lowest cost, best quality and least waste solution.

Lean A3 Thinking Helps with Post Ofsted School Improvement Work

Thanks to the team at Christ Church CE primary School for this reference. It was great working with them following an Ofsted inspection to help with improvement projects using A3 Thinking. The team engagement was fantastic and the successful results reflected this collaborative approach.

Reducing Reoffending in South and West Yorkshire

Really valuable and rewarding to work with a cross functional team leading the way on improving resettlement of young offenders in the region. The team developed some real breakthroughs in the drive to help young offenders to develop skills in custody and beyond and I'm pleased to share great feedback from the South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium.

Defining Value in the Third Sector

Implementing a continuous improvement system in the third sector is a fascinating thing to do. We know that if we follow the process and adhere to our principles they will carry us through.

Understanding Value

What happens if we only focus on the reduction of waste?

The Principles of Lean Improvement

At Castlefirth we are often asked “How Lean Can Help My Business?”. The answer obviously depends on many things but one of the ways is to understand how work is undertaken and applying the five principles of lean.