10 Steps to Embedding Lean

If you are thinking about building a business case for embedding lean or are already underway then you could do worse than to review the following list and evaluate your organisations’ ability to carry out these steps.

Is Lean the best way to make change happen?

One of the interesting challenges to delivering lean transformations is that it can be perceived as a solution looking for an answer. It can be common to be confronted by people who think that we see lean as a solution to everything. But everything we do is a process and lean can make any process better – right???

Have you been 'leaned'?

It is a little worrying when people tell us that they have been ‘leaned’. Sometimes just a figure of speech, and often used positively to be fair, but it does have a strong whiff of ‘done to’ rather than ‘done with’ the team.

‘We are too busy to improve’ – really?

A recent experience drove me to reflect on why people feel too busy to make the time for improvement. I wondered on the 'true cost' of firefighting and the lost opportunities out there of staying in the paradigm of 'too busy to improve'. Article by Chris Lawson

When Lean Meets Private Equity

The Private Equity world is one that is often 1 or 2 degrees separated from Lean and Continuous Improvement. However, we see that there are huge opportunities to leverage within this environment.

Who says people don't like change?

People don't like change - let's investigate how true this statement really is? There is a strong argument that many people like and need change to help them to remain happy in the work and home life.

Has Lean Expired?

An interesting question that people in my business must ask themselves continually. Is lean still relevant and current in the modern world?

Who performs surgery on your business?

Change teams exist in a range of sizes and forms, and we should reflect on the support and development of these teams and the expectations set upon them. However, the impact of these teams on business performance is often a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What comes after Transformation?

Over recent years there has been a significant increase in the use of the term ‘Transformation’. It is now so widely thrown about that I sometimes think that someone enthusiastically tying their shoelaces would be described as undergoing a transformative act!

What do you perceive?

We all hear myriad of different workplace euphemisms daily; office jargon which makes us think of David Brent and cringe. Many of these phrases have become so common place we don’t even notice this information cascade. One such phrase has stuck with me and I often think about it - ‘perception is reality’ Let’s think about that statement. Perception is reality. What you or I derive from any given action or situation based on our life experiences is the state of things as they actually exist. Not strictly true of course, this is our reality. And so applying the same set of actions or situation to a different set of experiences will produce a different reality.